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Allergic reaction can vary from skin rash, lacrimation, running nose to serious respiratory problems (bronchial asthma).

The cause of the allergy (allergen) can be anything around us: dust, pollen, cats, dogs, foods, etc...



Allergy test (RAST - Specific IgE) is a blood test.

The benefit is to discover the cause of allergy (allergen) and to measure the severity of the allergic reaction (against this specific allergen).

Only one blood sample is needed, unlike the conventional painful methods of multiple skin injections. For this purpose, we provided a variety of test groups :

  • Test for food allergens; a group of tests for the most common foods that can trigger allergy.

  • Test for environmental allergens; a group of tests for the most common inhalants that can trigger allergy.

  • Test for a single allergen; one test for one allergen from the list below (more than 400 allergens).

  • Total IgE; a general allergy marker.

Please check the instructions and contact us for any inquiry.



List of allergens


Acacia (mimosa) T19


Alder T2

Alkalase K 205

Allspice F339

Almond F20

Alpha-amylase K87

Alpha lactalbumin (cow milk protein) F76

Alternaria tenuis M6

American beech T5

Amoxicilloyl C006

Ampicilloyl C005

Aniseed F271

Apple (green) F49

Apricot F237

Artemia salina (fish feed) O202

Ascaris P1

Asparagus F261

Aspergillus fumigatus M3

Aspergillus fumigatus f1 (recomb.) M218

Aspergillus fumigatus f2 (recomb.) M219

Aspergillus fumigatus f3 (recomb.) M220

Aspergillus fumigatus f4 (recomb.) M221

Aspergillus fumigatus f6 (recomb.) M222

Aspergillus mix(m207, m3, m302) MX11

Aspergillus niger M207

Aspergillus terreus M302

Atopy panel 20 see RAST mixes

Aubergine (egg plant) F262

Aureobasidium pullulans M12

Australian pine T73

Avocado F96

Baby food mix (F1, F2, F3, F4, F13, F14) FX5

Bahia grass G17

Banana F92

Barley G201

Barley flour F6

Basil F269

Bay leaf F278

Beef F27

Beetroot F319

Berlin beetle (trogoderma angustum) I76

Bermuda grass G2

Beta lactoglobulin F77

Birch pollen (recomb.) T220

Blackberry F211

Blood worm I73

Blue mussel F37

Blueberry F288

Bougainvillea K214

Botvris cinerea M7

Bovine lactoferrin F334

Bovine serum albumin E204

Brazil nut F18

Broccoli F260

Brome grass G11

Bromelin K202

Brussel sprout F217

Buckwheat F11

Budgerigar droppings E77

Budgerigar feathers E78

Budgerigar serum proteins E79

Bumble I205

Cabbage F216

Cage bird mix (feathers & epithelium) EX72

Cajeput tree, melalenca T21

Camomile W206

Canary bird feathers E201

Canary grass G71

Canary droppings E301

Canary serum protein E300

Candida albicans (yeast) M5

Carambola F295

Caraway F265

Cardemon F267

Carrot F31

Casein F78

Cashew nut F202

Castor bean K71

Cat dander E1

Cauliflower F291

Cephalosporium acremonium M202

Cefaclor C007

Celery F85

Cheese, cheddar type F81

Cheese, mould type F82

Chemicals mix (K75, K76, K77, K79) PAX5

Cherry F242

Chestnut Y102

Chestnut edible T206

Chicken feathers E85

Chicken meat F83

Chilli pepper F279

Chinchilla E208

Chloramine T K85

Chocolate (F2-Milk, F93-Cocoa)

Chymopapain C209

Cinnamon F220

Citrus mix (F33, F208, F209, F302) FX92

Cladosporium herbarum (hormodendrum) M2

Clementine F302

Clove F268

Cochineal extract F340

Cockatiel serum protein E302

Cocklebur W13

Cockroach I6

Cock's foot G3

Cocoa F93

Coconut F36

Coffee F221

Common pigweed W14

Common ragweed W1

Common reed G7

Common silver birch T3

Common wasp (yellow jacket) I3

Corn borer I203

Cotton seed K83

Cottonwood T14

Cow dander E4

Crab F23

Cranberry F341

Crayfish F304

Cucumber F244

Cultivated oat G14

Cultivated rye G12

Cultivated wheat G15

Curry F218

Curvularia lunata M16

Cyprus T23

Dahlia Y96

Dandelion W8

Daphnia (Fish feed) O207

Date F289

Datepalm T214

Deer epithelium E216

Dill F277

Distichlis spicata G203

Dog dander E5

Dog epithelium E2

Douglas pine T207

Duck feathers E86

Echinococcus P2

Eel F264

Egg mix/yolk, white (F1, F75) F245

Egg white (chicken egg) F1

Egg yolk (chicken egg)) F75

Elder tree T205

Elk meat F285

Elm T8

Epicoccum purpurascens M14

Epithelial mix (E1, E3, E4, E5) EX1

Epithelial mix (E1, E5, E6, E87, E88) EX2

Epithelial and feather mix (E3, E4, E70, E85) PAX1

Ethylene oxide K78

Eucalyptus, gum tree T18

European hornet I75

False ragweed W4

Feather mix (E70, E85, E86, E89) EX71

Feather mix (E70, E85, E86, E213) EX73

Fennel, fresh F276

Fennel, seed F216

Fennel, Greek (Trigonella foenum-gracum) F305

Ferret F217

Ficus spp. K81

Finch feathers E214

Fire ant I70

Firebush (Kochia) W17

Fish (cod) F3

Food mix 1 F25, F45, F47, F48, F85) FX7

Food mix 2 (F17, F18, F33, F49, F93) FX8

Food mix 3 (F20, F84, F87, F92, F259) FX9

Food mix 4 (F26, F27, F75, F83, F284) FX10

Food mix 5 (F8, F12, F15, F31,F260) FX11

Food mix 6 (F5, F9, F35, F212, F225) FX12

Food mix 7 (F12, F13, F14) FX18

Food mix 8 (F31, F35, F214, F244) FX19

Food mix 9 (F4, F5, F6, F9) FX20

Food mix (F1, F2, F13, F89) FX26

Food mix (F3, F4, F14, F17) FX27

Food mix (F10, f24, F27, F84) FX28

Food panel 20 see RAST mixes

Formaldehyde K80

Fox E210

Fruit mix (birch pollen assoc.) FX90 (F49, F94, F95, F242, F255)

Fruit mix (Latex assoc.) (F84, F91, F92, F293, F96) FX91

Fruit mix 1 (F33, F49, F92, F95) FX15

Fruit mix 2 (F44, F94, F208, F210) FX16

Fruit mix 3 (F49, F92, F94, F95) FX17

Fruit mix 4 (F84, F87, F92, F95, F210) FX21

Fusarium moniliforme M9

Garlic F47

Gelatine C74

Gerbil E209

Giant ragweed W3

Ginger F270

Gluten (Gliadin) F79

Goat epithelium E80

Goat milk F300

Golden rod W12

Goose feathers E70

Goosefoot, Lamb's quarters W10

Grain mix (F4, F7, F8, F10, F11) FX3

Grape F259

Grapefruit F209

Grass mix, early bloom (G3, G4, G5, G6, G8) GX1

Grass mix (G2, G5, G6, G8, G10, G17) GX2

Grass mix (G1, G5, G6, G12, G13) GX3

Grass mix, late bloom (G1, G5, G7, G12, G13) GX4

Grass mix 3 (G2, G5, G10, G11, G13, G17) GX6

Green coffee bean K70

Green nimitti I72

Green pepper F263

Greer Labs inc. H1

Grey alder T2

Guar F246

Guava F292

Guinea pig epithelium E6

Gum arabic F297

Halibut F303

Hamster epithelium E84

Hazel T4

Hazel nut F17

Helminthosporium haloties M8

Herb mix (W1, W6, W9, W10, W11) WX1

Herb mix (W2, W6, W9, W10, W15) WX2

Herb mix (W6, W9, W10, W12, W20) WX3

Herb mix (W1, W6, W7, W8, W12) WX5

Herb mix (W9, W10, W11, W18) WX6

Herb mix (W7, W8, W9, W10, W12) WX7

Herring F205

Hexadropthalic acid anhydride K209

Hollister Stier Labs H2

Honey F247

Honey Bee venom I1

Hornbeam/Hornbeech T209

Horse chestnut T203

Horse dander E3

Horsefly I201

Horse meat F321

Horse serum E205

House dust mite (microseras) D3

House dust mite (farinae) D2

House dust mite

(euroglyphus maynei) D74

House dust mite (pteronyssinus) D1

Inhalent allergens (D1, E1, E5, G6, G12, M2, T3, W6) SX1

Inhalation panel 20 see RAST mixes

Insulin, bovine C71

Insulin, human C73

Insulin, porcine C70

Isocyanate HDI K77

Isocyanate MDI K76

Isocyanate TDI K75

Ispaghula K72

Japanese cedar T17

Jacobs mussel F338

Jackfruit F318

Johnson grass G10

Jujube F336

Kaki fruit F301

Kiwi F84

Lamb's Quarter (goosefoot) W10

Latex K82

Lemon F208

Lentils F235

Lettuce F215

Lime (citrus aurantitifolia) F306

Lime tree T208

Linseed F333

Lobster F80

Lovage F275

Lucopodium W208

Lupin W207

Lupine seed F335

Lysozyme K208

Macadamia nut F345

Mace F266

Mackerel F206

Maize flour F8

Maize / corn cob G202

Malassezia furfur M300

Maleinic acid anhydride K210

Malt F90

Mandarin / clementine F302

Mango F91

Maple T1

Mare milk F286

Marguerite, ox-eye daisy W7

Marjoram F274

Maxatase K204

Meadow fescue G4

Meadow foxtail G16

Meadow grass (Kentucky grass) G8

Meal worm O211

Meat mix (F26 F27 F83) FX73

Melaleuca, cajeput tree T21

Melon F87

Mesquite T20


acid anhydride K211

Milk (protein) F2

Milk, boiled F231

Millet seed F223

Mimosa T19

Mink epithelium E203

Mint F332

Mite mix (H2 D1 D2 I6) HX2

Mite and insect mix (D70, D71, I201, I202) PAX2

Mixed weeds Y5

Mosquito spp. I71

Mould mix

(M1 M2 M3 M6) MX1

Mould mix (M1, M2, M3, M5, M6, M8) MX2

Mountain juniper T6

Mouse (epithelium and serum protein) E88

Mouse epithelium E71

Mouse, serum protein E76

Mouse, urine protein E72

Mucor racemosus M4

Mugwort W6

Mulberry T70

Mushroom F212

Mussel, venus F207

Mussel, blue F37

Mustard F89

Mutton F88

Nettle W20

Nutmeg F282

Nut mix (F13 F17 F18 F20 F36) FX1

Nut mix 2 (F201,F202,F203,F256) FX22

Oak T7

Oat F7

Olive T9

Olive (black) F342

Onion F48

Orange F33

Oregano F283

Ovalbumin F232

Ovomucoid F233

Oyster F290

Palm T72

Paloverde T219

Papain K201

Papaya F293

Paper wasp I4

Paprika (spice) F218

Parakeet feathers E303

Parrot feathers E213

Parsley F86

Passion fruit F294

Pea F12

Peach F95

Peanut F13

Pear F94

Pecan, hickory T22

Pecan, nut F201

Penicillum notatum M1

Penicilloyl G C1

Penicilloyl V C2

Pepsin K213

Pepper, black F280

Phoma betae M13

Phospholipase K203

Perennial mix (d2, e1, e3, m6) RX2

Phthalic acid anhydride K79

Pig see swine

Pigeon droppings E7

Pigeon feathers E215

Pineapple F210

Pine seed F253

Pistachio F203

Plaice F254

Plane T11

Plantain (English), Ribwort W9

Plum F255

Pollen and mould mix (M3, M6, G12, G15) PAX3

Pollen mix 1 (G6, W6, W9, W21) RX1

Pollen mix 2 (G2, G5, G17, W1, W9, W10) RX3

Pollen mix 3 (G2, G5, G11, W1, W6, W9) RX4

Poppy seed F224

Pork F26

Potato F35

Privet T210

Pumpkin F225

Pumpkin seed F226

Rabbit F213

Rabbit epithelium E82

Rabbit serum E206

Rabbit urine protein E211

Rape W203

Raspberry F343

Rat (epithelium and serum protein) E87

Rat epithelium E73

Rat, serum protein E75

Rat, urine protein E74

Rattle weed F298

Red bean F287

Redtop, Bentgrass G9

Reindeer, epithelium E202

Rhizopus nigricans M11

Rice F9

Rodent mix (E6, E7, E73, E82, E84) EX70

Rough marsh elder (iva siliata) W16

Rye F5

Rye-grass G5

Saffron F331

Sage F344

Salmon F41

Saltwort (prickly) W11

Savinase K206

Scale (Lenscale) W15

Sea food mix (F3, F24, F37, F40, F41) FX2

Sea food mix (F3, F205, F206, F254) FX74

Seminal fluid O70

Sesame seed F10

Sheep epithelium E81

Sheep sorrel W18

Shrimp F24

Silk waste K73

Silk (bombyx mori) K74

Sole F337

Soya Bean F14


Spice mix (F272, F273, F274, F275) FX70

Spice mix (F265, F266, F267, F268) FX71

Spice mix (F219, F269, F270, F271) FX72

Spinach F214

Spruce T201

Squid F258

Staphylococcus aureus

enterotoxin D M224

Stemphylium botryosum M10

St. John's Bread/Carob F296

Storage mite (glycyphagus domesticus) D73

Storage mite (tyrophagus putreus) D72

Storage mite (lepidoglyphus destructor) D71

Storage mite (acarus sivo) D70

Strawberry F44

Sugar beet W210

Sugar beet seed F227

Sunflower W204

Sunflower seed K84

Suxamethonium C202

Sweet vernal grass G1

Swine epithelium E83

Swine urine protein E212

SX1 (D1, E1, E5, G6, G12, M2, T3, W6)

Tall oat grass G204

Tarragon F272

Tetramin (fish feed) O203

Thyme F273

Timothy grass G6

Timothy pollen (native) G215

Timothy grass pollen (recombinant p11) G211

Tobacco leaf O201

Tomato mix F25

Tree mix (T1, T3, T8, T10) TX1

Tree mix (T1, T7, T8, T14, T22) TX2

Tree mix (T6, T7, T8, T14, T20) TX3

Tree mix (T7, T8, T11, T12, T14) TX4

Tree mix - early bloom (T2, T4, T8, T12, T14) TX5

Tree mix - late bloom (T1, T3, T5, T7, T10) TX6

Tree mix (T9, T12, T14, T18, T19, T21) TX7

Tree mix (T1, T3, T4, T11) TX8

Tree mix (T2, T3, T4, T7, T12) TX9

Tree mix (T2, T3, T4, T15) TX10

Tribolium confusum I301

Trichoderma viride M15

Trichosporon pulluaus M203

Trichophyton rubrum M205

Trimellitic acid anhydride K86

Trout (rainbow) F204

Tunafish F40

Turkey feathers E89

Turkey meat F284

Ulocladium chartarum M204

Ustilago nuda/tritici M201

Vanilla F234

Vegetables mix 1 (F12, F15, F31, F35) FX13

Vegetables mix 2 (F25, F214, F216, F218) FX14

Velvet grass G13

Venus mussel F207

Virginia oak T218

Wall pellitory (parietaria officinalis) W19

Wall pellitory (parietaria judaica) W21

Walnut T10

Walnut (fruit) F256

Weevil I202

Western ragweed W2

Wheat (flour) F4

Whey F236

White ash T15

White bean F15

White faced hornet I2

Wild rye grass G70

Willow T12

Wormwood W5

Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) F45

Yellow Hornet venom I5


Aspergillus mix – MX11

M207 Aspergillus niger

M3 aspergillus fumigatus

M 302 Aspergillus terreus


includes Aspergillus spec., Cladosp.herbarum, apple, carrot, cod (fish), egg white, milk,

peanut, potato, rice, Soya-bean, wheat, birch, mugwort, timothy grass, horse, dog, cat,

house dust mite dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, house dust mite dermatophagoides

See test name for requirement, reference range and turnaround time

Baby Food Mix - FX5

F1 egg white

F2 milk

F3 fish (cod)

F4 wheat (flour)

F13 peanut

F14 soya bean

Chemicals mix - PAX5

K75 isocyanat TDI

K76 isocyanat MDI

K77 isocyanat HDI

K79 phthalic acid anhydride

Citrus mix – FX92

F33 orange

F208 lemon

F209 grapefruit

F302 Mandarine/Clementine

Disinfectant mix - PAX6

K78 ethylene oxide

K79 phthalic acid anhydride

K80 formaldehyde

K85 chloramine T

Epithelial mix - EX1

E1 cat dander

E3 horse dander

E4 cow dander

E5 dog dander

Epithelial mix - EX2

E1 cat dander

E5 dog dander

E6 guinea pig epithelium

E87 rat epithelium and serum protein

E88 mouse epithelium and serum protein

Epithelial and feather mix - PAX1

E3 horse dander

E4 cow dander

E70 goose feathers

E85 chicken feathers

Feather mix - EX71

E70 goose feathers

E85 chicken feathers

E86 duck feathers

E89 turkey feathers

Feather mix - EX73

E70 goose feathers

E85 chicken feathers

E86 duck feathers

E213 parrot feathers

Food mix 1 - FX7

F 25 tomato

F 45 yeast

F 47 garlic

F 48 onion

F 85 celery

Food mix 2 - FX8

F17 hazel nut

F18 brazil nut

F33 orange

F49 green apple

F93 cocoa

Food mix 3 - FX9

F 20 almond

F 84 kiwi fruit

F 87 melon

F 92 banana

F259 grape

Food mix 4 - FX10

F26 pork

F27 beef

F75 egg yolk

F83 chicken meat

F284 turkey meat

Food mix 5 - FX11

F8 maize

F12 pea

F15 white bean

F31 carrot

F260 broccoli

Food mix 6 - FX12

F5 rye

F9 rice

F35 potato

F212 mushroom

F225 pumpkin

Food mix 7 - FX18

F12 pea

F13 peanut

F14 soya bean

Food mix 8 - FX19

F31 carrot

F35 potato

F214 spinach

F244 cucumber

Food mix 9 - FX20

F4 wheat

F5 rye

F6 barley

F9 rice

Food mix FX26 - FX26

F1 egg white (chicken egg)

F2 milk (protein)

F13 peanut

F89 mustard

Food mix Fx27 – FX27

F3 fish (cod)

F4 wheat

F14 Soya Bean

F17 hazel nut

Food mix Fx28 – FX28

F10 sesame seed

F24 shrimp

F27 beef

F84 kiwi fruit

Fruit mix (Latex assoc.) – FX91

F84 Kiwi fruit

F91 Mango

F92 Banana

F293 Papaya

F96 Avocado

Fruit mix 1 - FX15

F33 orange

F49 green apple

F92 banana

F95 peach

Fruit mix 2 - FX16

F44 strawberry

F94 pear

F208 lemon

F210 pineapple

Fruit mix 3 - FX17

F49 green apple

F92 banana

F94 pear

F95 peach

Fruit mix 4 - FX21

F84 kiwi fruit

F87 melon

F92 banana

F95 peach

F210 pineapple

Fruit mix (birch pollen assoc.) - FX90

F49 apple

F94 pear

F95 cherry

F242 plum

F255 peach

Grain mix - FX3

F4 wheat

F7 oat

F8 maize

F10 sesame seed

F11 buckwheat

Grass mix, early bloom - GX1

G3 cocksfoot

G4 meadow fescue

G5 rye-grass

G6 Timothy grass

G8 meadow grass

Grass mix - GX2

G2 Bermuda grass

G5 Rye grass

G6 Timothy grass

G8 Meadow grass

G10 Johnson grass

G17 Bahia grass

Grass mix - GX3

G1 Sweet vernal grass

G5 Rye grass

G6 Timothy grass

G12 cultivated rye

G13 velvet grass

Grass mix, late bloom - GX4

G1 sweet vernal grass

G5 rye grass

G7 common reed

G12 cultivated rye

G13 velvet grass

Grass mix 3 – GX6

G2 Bermuda grass

G5 rye grass

G10 Johnson grass

G11 brome grass

G13 velvet grass

G17 Bahia grass

Herb mix - WX1

W1 common ragweed

W6 mugwort

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W10 goosefoot/Lamb's quarters

W11 saltwort (prickly)

Herb mix - WX2

W2 western ragweed

W6 mugwort

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W10 goosefoot/Lamb's quarters

W15 scale, lenscale

Herb mix - WX3

W6 mugwort

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W10 goosefoot/Lamb's quarters

W12 golden rod

Herb mix - WX5

W1 common ragweed

W6 mugwort

W7 marguerite, ox-eye daisy

W8 dandelion

W12 golden rod

Herb mix - WX6

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W10 goosefoot/Lamb's quarters

W11 saltwort (prickly)

W18 sheep sorrel

Herb mix - WX7

W7 marguerite, ox-eye daisy

W8 dandelion

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W10 goosefoot/Lamb's quarters

W12 golden rod

Inhalant Allergens – SX1

D1 dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

E1 cat dander

E5 dog dander

G6 Timothy grass

G12 cultivated rye

M2 cladosporium herharum (hormodendrum)

T3 common silver birch

W6 mugwort

Meat mix - FX73

F26 pork

F27 beef

F83 chicken

Mite and insect mix - PAX2

D70 storage mite (acarus sivo)

D71 storage mite (lepidoglyphus destructor)

I201 horsefly

I202 weevil

Mite mix - HX2

H2 Hollister-Stier labs

D1 dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

D2 dermatophagoides farinae

I6 cockroach

Mould mix - MX1

M1 penicillium notatum

M2 cladosporium herbarum

M3 aspergillus fumigatus

M6 alternaria tenuis

Mould mix – MX2

M1 penicillium notatum

M2 cladosporium herbarum

M3 aspergillus fumigatus

M5 albicans (yeast)

M6 alternaria tenuis

M8 helminthosporium haloties

Nut mix - FX1

F13 peanut

F17 hazel nut

F18 brazil nut

F20 almond

F36 coconut

Nut mix 2 – FX22

F201 Pecan, nut

F202 Cashew nut

F203 Pistachio

F256 Walnut (fruit)

Perennial mix – RX2

D2 house dust mite (farinae)

E1 cat dander

E3 horse dander

M6 alternaria tenuis

Pollen and mould mix - PAX3

M3 aspergillus fumigatus

M6 alternaria tenuis

G12 cultivated rye

G15 cultivated wheat

Pollen mix 1 - RX1

G6 Timothy grass

W6 mugwort

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W21 wall pellitory (parietaria judaica)

Pollen mix 2 – RX3

G2 bermuda grass

G5 rye grass

G17 bahia grass

W1 common ragweed

W9 plaintain / ribwort

W10 goosefoot, Lamb's quarters

Pollen mix 3 – RX4

G2 bermuda grass

G5 rye grass

G11 brome grass

W1 common ragweed

W6 mugwort

W9 plaintain / ribwort

Rodent mix - EX70

E6 guinea pig epithelium

E7 pigeon droppings

E73 rat epithelium

E82 rabbit epithelium

E84 hamster epithelium

Sea food mix - FX2

F3 fish (cod)

F24 shrimp

F37 blue mussel

F40 tuna fish

F41 salmon

Sea food mix - FX74

F3 cod

F205 herring

F206 mackerel

F254 plaice

Spice mix - FX70

F272 tarragon

F273 thyme

F274 marjoram

F275 lovage

Spice mix - FX71

F265 caraway

F266 mace

F267 cardamom

F268 clove

Spice mix - FX72

F219 fennel seed

F269 basil

F270 ginger

F271 aniseed

Tree mix - TX1

T1 box elder

T3 common sliver birch

T8 elm

T10 walnut

Tree mix - TX2

T1 box elder

T7 oak

T8 elm

T14 cottonwood

T22 pecan, hickory

Tree mix - TX3

T6 mountain juniper

T7 oak

T8 elm

T14 cottonwood

T20 mesquite

Tree mix - TX4

T7 oak

T8 elm

T11 plane

T12 willow

T14 cottonwood

Tree mix, early bloom - TX5

T2 grey elder

T4 hazel

T8 elm

T12 willow

T14 cottonwood

Tree mix, late bloom - TX6

T1 maple

T3 common silver birch

T5 American beech

T7 oak

T10 walnut

Tree mix - TX7

T9 olive

T12 willow

T18 eucalytus / gum tree

T19 acacia

T21 cajeput-tree, melalenca

Tree mix - TX8

T1 maple

T3 common silver birch

T4 hazel

T11 plane

Tree mix - TX9

T2 grey elder

T3 common silver birch

T4 hazel

T7 oak

T12 willow

Tree mix 10 - TX10

T2 grey elder

T3 common silver birch

T4 hazel

T15 white ash

Vegetables mix 1 - FX13

F12 pea

F15 white bean

F31 carrot

F35 potato

Vegetables mix 2 - FX14

F25 tomato

F214 spinach

F216 cabbage

F218 paprika/sweet pepper




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Newborn Screening Program

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